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Mera Peak Climb

Trip Description

Trip Introduction

Mera Peak is the highest permitted trekking peak in Nepal. At an altitude of 6476 meters, it is the most elevated trekking peak of Nepal. This adventurous peak will undoubtedly be a tough challenge to fulfill, but it can be overcome if you have enough stamina. It is a 21 days trek that will take you to the Himalayas of the Khumbu region. You can view the five 8000 meters peak from the summit like; Mount Everest, Cho Oyo, Makalu, Lhotse, and Kanchenjunga.

Overview of the trip

This 21-day trip begins from a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. As you complete your scenic flight to Lukla from the Kathmandu airport, you will head to the beautiful remove village called the Hinku Valey. It is a green valley covered with denser forest, rushing streams, terraced fields along with yak pastures, and swinging brides with the background of the highest mountain in the world. As Mera Peak climbing is the highest climbing peak of Nepal, you will require some training. The training will be provided at Khare. Also, you will get the necessary climbing gear and learn the necessary skills for the climb.

Then, you proceed to the straightforward climb from the Khare. As you trek to this remote valley, you will reach an altitude above 5000 meters and pass through various lodges and tea houses. The base camp will be set and 5350 meters, and we will have a high field at an altitude of 5780 meters before we climb the summit.

As we proceed forwards to the summit, you will need to cross the path at an elevation of 5145 meters. Then, you will move to the last camp, which lies around the Dig Glaciers. After that, you will climb to the highest climbing peak of Nepal, and you can view the beautiful mountains above 8000 feet from the summit. You will get the glorious view of Mt. Everest, Mt. Makalu, Mt., Lhotse, and Mt. Kanchenjunga. As you complete your climb, you will descend back to the Khare and then continue your trail back to Lukla.

During your climb, you will face Sherpa villages along with monasteries and gompas on the way. This will bring you closer to the ethnic group of Nepal as well as help you study their culture and tradition. The hospitality that people offer in the region is great, and you will have a lifetime experience.


Best Season for the Mera Peak Climbing

You can either choose the autumn or the spring season while you plan your Mera Peak climbing. These two seasons are the best as you can have a clear view of the sky during these seasons. The months of March to May fall under the spring season, and the months of September to November fall in the Autumn season. During these months, you can have an adventurous yet beautiful journey as the weather supports very well. Some trekkers choose winter for peak climbing. However, winter is not recommended as the weather can get harsh. As you trek during the months of December, you might need to face freezing weather, and it might be hard for you to trek.

Difficulties that you might face during Mera Peak Climbing


The problems of altitude sickness and mountain sickness is what you will face during your climb to the Mera Peak. As the peak is the highest permitted climbing peak, it is certainly difficult to conquer the peak. However, the peak is easy in comparision to other peaks above 6000 meters. Although you need to plan for a long time of 21 days for peak climbing, your journey will be worth it. You might also need some basic skills to conquer the peak. Although conquering the peak is not tough during the autumn and the spring season, it can be really harsh during the summer season. So, to avoid difficulties faced in winter, plan your trip in the autumn or the spring season.

In conclusion, you will require a lot of effort as you climb the highest permitted peak in Nepal. But your efforts will be worth it. It is better for you to take an experienced trekking guide with you to accompany you throughout the climbing route. The guide can help you prioritize your safety and security as they have experience in the field. It is a great lifetime experience of the Himalayas for mountain lovers. Plan your Mera Peak climbing in the coming spring or the autumn.

We have prepared the trip departure dates in small groups departure for group fun and enjoyment trekking. Our group size start from 2 peoples (Even for solo travelers, we organize single trip on supplement cost of US$- 200 additional) and maximum group size will be 8-10 travelers. But in general, our every date will have small groups of 4- 6 peoples, which is good group size for safe and flexible & comfortable trekking. We have listed our group departure dates based on every season as below.

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