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Trek to Kala Pathar in October

Trek to Kala Pathar in October


Well, trekking to Kala Pathar is a dream for many. If you are planning to trek to Kala Pathar, you will be thrilled by its beauty. There are both pros and cons of trekking to Kala Patthar in October. Trekking to Kala Pathar in October has both pros and cons.

Further, trekking to Kala Pathar begins from Lukla. Well, you will be delighted and enthusiastic after you reach Namche Bazaar and witness the culture, tradition, and hospitality of the people of Namche Bazaar. Let’s discuss the things that you need to keep in mind before you start your trek to Kala Pathar in October.


The nights are cold and the days are warm in October. Well, the temperature during this month is easy to bear. The temperature seems to be too pleasant for the trekkers as the temperature may reach around 14-20 degrees Celsius at night. However, the temperature may fall to -6 degrees at night. In some areas which are above 4000 meters, the temperature may drop to around -10 degrees.

Moreover, you will not have to witness the cold of the snow or the warmth of the sun if you trek in this season.  Also, the bright sun will help you get a clear view of the mountains. As October comes after monsoon is over, you will get to see the beautiful view of the majestic mountains without the clouds interrupting your view.

Food and Accommodation

As October is considered to be the peak season for trekking to Kala Pathar, the lodges and the tea houses may be full. So, it will be better if you book your residence earlier.  Also, you might have some problems while sharing a room with strangers. As it is the peak season, you might also witness some dirty curtains and bedsheets, so; it will be best if you carry a sleeping bag.

Talking about the food, the lodges, and the tea houses will provide you the best meals. The lodges and hotels will have their menu increased as many trekkers trek in this season. You can also get the western food of your choice but, it will be best if you order Dhal Bhaat. Thus, you can get to eat the authentic Dhal Bhaat in this season.

 Flight and Travel

Trekkers often feel very comfortable to trek in October, and thus, this month becomes very busy. Although there are regular flights to Lukla, the flight may not land at the expected time in Lukla. Also, you might not get the tickets at the last moment. So, to avoid the barrier of any kind, it will be better if you book your tickets in advance.

Porters and Guides

If you are planning to trek to mountains, Porters and Guides are of great help. A good guide will direct you through safe and peaceful trails. Also, you will not enjoy your journey if you climb up with loads so, you can simply hire experienced porters and guides to make your journey comfortable. To hire a trustworthy guide and a porter, you can contact a reliable trekking company.

Festive season

We are aware of the fact that the great festivals of Nepal, Dashain and Tihar fall in October. Well, you can enjoy these great festivals being embraced by the mountains if you trek in this season. But, as many people return their village to celebrate the festival, you will have to witness the crowd if you trek in this season. Also, you can learn about the culture and traditions of the Sherpa community and celebrate the festival with them.

Difficulties that you may face if you trek to Kala Pathar in October

    If you are the kind of person who is obsessed with gadgets, it might be difficult for you due to the problem of networks, little wifi connections, and low power.

    For the people who are not used to trekking, it might be very difficult due to the rough trails on the way to Kala Pathar.

     With the increase in altitude, the prices of the things and your stay might increase too.

    If you are trekking for the first time, you might also face altitude sickness due to the variation in the temperature and the weather conditions.

    As October is the peak season for trekking, it will be very difficult for you to get a good place to stay if you have not made your bookings in advance.