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Namche Bazaar- A important place for trekking in Everest Region

Namche Bazaar- A important place for trekking in Everest Region

Namche Bazaar is also called Namche Baza or Namche Bazaar. It is a town located in the Solukhumbu district and specifically in the Solukhumbu Pasanglhamu Rural Municipality of Province no.1. Namche is a town that lies in the north-eastern part of Nepal. Namche Bazaar is 3500 m from the sea level. It is also the administrative center of Solukhumbu district.

Well, Namche is the unconfirmed capital of Solukhumbu district. After you come to Namche, you will face a central trekking checkpoint, and a little further, you will see an army station. Rashtriya Banijya Bank and Sagarmatha National Park also lie in Namche. You can enjoy the typical lifestyle of the Sherpa community and know a lot about their culture.

Transportation facility

Namche Bazaar is basically the Syangboche Airport. This airport is not used for passengers. However, some Russian helicopters usually make cargo flights. The nearest airport open here is Tenzing-Hillary Airport, but it is situated 13 km south of Namche Bazaar.

Tourism facility

Namche Bazaar is a famous starting point to start the trek to Everest base camp. This place is also famous for studying the typical lifestyle of the Sherpa community.  Thus, Namche Bazaar is located on the inclined part of an arch-shaped mountain. It allows people to see the view of majestic Himalayas and also to enjoy the lifestyle of the local Sherpas living there.

Moreover, this place is an extremely popular trekker’s point in the Khumbu region. People usually come here for altitude acclimatization. Every Saturday morning, a market is held in the center of this village. Apart from this Saturday market, Tibet markets may be available on a daily basis. On the Tibet market, you can get cheap Chinese goods and clothing.

Fooding and Accommodation facility

Namche Bazaar is a very famous place in the Everest Region. Trekkers usually spend their three nights in Namche Bazaar (one on their way back from Everest Base Camp and two on their way up to Everest). Namche Bazaar is full of hotels, cafes, and beautiful lodges. There is a wide variety of hotels from basic to deluxe with a wide range of prices and great facilities.

In addition to this, Namche is the last place where you can find nice hotels and fancier lodges with the best facilities on your way to the Everest Base Camp. Above Namche Bazaar, the prices of the stay start getting higher, and the accommodation facility starts getting more basic.

The climatic condition of Namche Bazaar

Well, Namche Bazaar has a cold-dry winter type of climate. Basically, the climate here is a subtropical highland climate. However, in the summer season, you get to observe a humid continental climate. The weather here can get worse sometimes. The temperature can vary from 0°C to -3°C. The main feature of this city is the wet and cool summer and dry chilly winter. The winter season here is mostly affected by the summer monsoon and the altitude here. The average temperature is 6.1°C, and the precipitation is 1110mm.

The specialty of Namche Bazaar

Thus, Namche has a historic hub of trading the famous homemade yak butter and cheese. Being situated on the inclined part of an arch-shared mountain, Namche is filled with the amazing view of majestic Himalayas. Namche is also the most important trading center of the Solukhumbu region. The traders from Tibet and the Sherpas from the nearby villages come to Namche Bazaar to barter and sell their goods, traditional crafts, and arts.

The hospitality of the people of Namche Bazaar

You must be aware of the nature of the villagers in the Khumbu district. Being specific, people of Namche Bazaar have a huge heart. The hospitality of the people of Namche Bazaar is heartwarming. People here offer you their best behavior filled with kindness. You will certainly enjoy talking to the people here. They have very good manners, and they treat their guests in the best way that they can.